Family Nights: Family Nights bring more than 150 Hispanic individuals several times a year to learn about resources in the community. More than 20 community organizations and programs are invited to present information about what they offer to the community and are supported with translation and interpretation.

Email newsletter: Thousands of families receive our monthly bilingual e-newsletter with information about HAAD and our partner organizations.

HAAD section at Del Hispano Magazine: Thanks to a partnership with Del Hispano Magazine, 40,000 people are able to read our section at the monthly print publication in Delaware’s three counties.

Community visits: We can receive invitations to learn about an organization or resource in Delaware. We gather a group of Latino people interested in the visit and attend on the set date. One example could be an organization asking that a group of us visit them so we can hear a presentation about a new program available for families or tour their facilities (the Hispanic group that attends can then spread the word about the program in the Latino community).


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